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Herche Superior Alto Saxophone
Herche Superior Bb Clarinet


A Family Owned Business With Deep Roots in Music.

For the past 30 years we have worked with music educators, students and parents to deliver tens of thousands of quality band instruments into the hands of beginning students.

A Great Instrument For Beginners and Intermediate

It’s a big decision to make when you’re purchasing a new instrument for the first time. Whether it’s your first or a step-up instrument, a Herche instrument will serve your talent, skills and needs superbly. Everyone at Herche wants you to express your musical passion and we’re here to make sure you get the best quality possible.


The Materials That Our Instruments Are Made From.

Every component is made from the finest materials built to last as long as you are inspired to play it. Avoid the frustrations of easily broken pieces and stick to Herche Instruments which are Triple-bench tested in the USA and must meet the most stringent level of quality prior to you holding it.

Our Promise To You.

Herche constantly strives to improve its product-line and offers the best value possible. Sharing numerous attributes with more expensive brands, Herche is an outstanding value. Since many educators consider Herche to be the perfect choice for student musicians, high quality is not only necessary but is imperative for successful music education. Our prices and warranty terms are unbeatable. We pride ourselves in providing excellent products and service to our customers.

Order our unbeatable craftsmanship, superior designed instrument to become the musician you’ve been dreaming about!

Herche Superior Alto Saxophone